12 ways to keep the balance this Christmas

The festive season is here and many of us will relate the that dreaded feeling every January when we feel as stuffed than the Christmas Turkey due to weeks of over-indulgence.
This year let’s tackle the festive season another way by follow these principles to ensure we don’t end up bursting at the seams.
1. Have one, not a dozen. The tubs of brightly wrapped chocolates are easy to dip into but with each one containing approx. 50 calories it’s not a good idea for the waistline. An extra 500 calories per day over one week means a 1lb gain on the scales.
2. Alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water. It cuts the calories and dilutes the hangover.
3. Aim to eat healthily on the days in between Christmas and New Year. It doesn’t have to be a ten-day food fest.
4. Go easy on the food shopping. We IMG_2280often over-stock on calorie laden treats and this leads us to easily overeat.
5. Don’t buy chocolates, crisps and biscuits too early in the season. So many people break into the boxes early in December simply because they are in the cupboard.
6. Avoid anything ‘beige’ when eating from buffet tables. Opt for colourful veggies with hummus, lean proteins and fruit kebabs rather than sausage rolls, scotch eggs and vol au vents.
7. Opt for a lean breakfast such as scrambled eggs with salmon. Do you really need to eat fat laden croissants on Christmas morning?
8. Limit the extras. Christmas lunch can be reasonably healthy if you pile your plate high with turkey and vegetables and limit the more fattening options like roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and stuffing.
9. Have a little of what you fancy. Discard the pastry lids on mince pies, have a spoon of trifle or a sliver of cake rather than huge portions. You get the taste whilst limiting the calories.
10. Keep moving, get out for long walks or a morning run over the festive season to burn off some of the extra fuel.
11. Donate food to a food bank. If you get gifts of chocolate or biscuits or have food left over donating it keeps the inches from your hips and benefits those in need
12. Think 80/20. If you keep 80% of your eating in line with a healthy diet and enjoy treats 20% of the time you will start 2019 the right way.
As featured in the December issue of My Weekly

Author: Angela...aka Self-Love-Ninja

I'm Angela, I transformed my body by transforming my mind and now I am keen to help others create a mindset shift to help them move positively forward and live their best lives. I have 13 years experience transforming businesses and was named by the Lean Management Journal as one of the Lean Top 25; most inspirational individuals in Lean Management (2016) as well as being qualified to level 3a on the Lean Competency System. I’ve spent a lot of my career coaching people through the change curve and my empathic nature has been a real asset. Now I’m taking all of my work experience plus what I’ve learned from my own self-transformation, coupled with NLP, life coaching and nutrition qualifications to bring about change in individuals. I have developed Self-Love-Ninja initially to help me with self-love and now I want to share with others, because it's this that allows us to achieve everything we want to achieve. I recently became a number one best-selling author of a book called Enough, gave up my six figure career as a Director in consulting and became a motivational speaker & coach because I love serving people.

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