The start of things to come..

It’s such a thrill to be introducing the concept of the Self-Love-Ninja.  She has been a guiding light in my life for several months and I am excited to be sharing her and her super-powers with you in my forthcoming book, Enough and in this blog.

My book is out on the 17th June and will be available through Amazon.  It’s part memoir, documenting my personal journey, part mind-set manual, serving to help you understand that you have the ability to achieve anything you want to achieve if you believe you are Enough.  It sets out a number of tips and tricks that will help you to shift your mind-set to one of growth and in doing so learn to love your whole-self and establish such incredible self-worth that nothing will hold you back.

The Self-Love-Ninja plays a key role in manifesting this belief.  I developed her character so I could visualise her guidance and for me she is a fierce kick-ass kind of gal with a warm heart and winning smile.  You can feel free to use her too, or indeed create your own version, male or female or even animal if you like, anything goes.

As you will read in the book, the Self-Love-Ninja is your ally, your inner super-hero, there to help you establish self-love, self-belief and self-worth.  S/he will become so powerful that the inner-voice of self-doubt will be drowned out and you will start to win the battle against the things that hold you back, the things that stop you experiencing joy and those that cause you to hesitate and choose ‘I can’t’ over ‘I can’.

The Self-Love-Ninja will allow you to unlock the person you truly are and deserve to be.  You will gradually find out who hides beneath the layers of pretence.  You can stop being who you think you should be, saying what you think you should say, existing to please others, and you can start being YOU.  


How liberating would that be?  Its like taking a breath of the freshest fresh air.  Retiring the actress/actor who consumes your energy and instead using that energy to love yourself with your whole heart.

In finding and being You, you’ll become more valuable to others, easier to love and you’ll feel amazing about who you are.  You’ll be authentic and authenticity rocks.

Join me here every month for my Self-Love-Ninja practices and check out the new Instagram page for daily affirmations.

You can follow my own body transformation & mind-set overhaul journey on Instagram

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness – Robert Morley.


Author: Angela...aka Self-Love-Ninja

I'm Angela, I transformed my body by transforming my mind and now I am keen to help others create a mindset shift to help them move positively forward and live their best lives. I have 13 years experience transforming businesses and was named by the Lean Management Journal as one of the Lean Top 25; most inspirational individuals in Lean Management (2016) as well as being qualified to level 3a on the Lean Competency System. I’ve spent a lot of my career coaching people through the change curve and my empathic nature has been a real asset. Now I’m taking all of my work experience plus what I’ve learned from my own self-transformation, coupled with NLP, life coaching and nutrition qualifications to bring about change in individuals. I have developed Self-Love-Ninja initially to help me with self-love and now I want to share with others, because it's this that allows us to achieve everything we want to achieve. I recently became a number one best-selling author of a book called Enough, gave up my six figure career as a Director in consulting and became a motivational speaker & coach because I love serving people.

4 thoughts on “The start of things to come..”

  1. Such an awesome start to the new blog! I love the line “retiring the actress who consumes your energy” – this is so true! It is so much easier to be your authentic self rather than keeping up a facade to please everyone else.

    I look forward to all future instalments!


  2. Lots of thoughts in here that will resonate with lots of people . It certainly did with me ! I look forward to tracking your blog 🙂


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